Invacare Precise Rx Flow Meter & The SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Just added a new video to youtube. It’s the Invacare Precise Rx Pediatric Flow Meter attached to the SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The SimplyGo is not yet approved by the FAA, but hopefully will be by the end of 2012. This is still a great option for a family’s solution to traveling with an oxygen dependent child that is prescribed a low flow of oxygen. The Flow Meter delivers 1/16th – 3/4 LPM or 50-750 cc/min. The SimplyGo offers .5 LPM as its lowest setting. The lowest setting on any portable oxygen concentrator is .5 LPM. When the SimplyGo is approved for use on airplanes, it will be the 5th to offer a continuous flow. This Invacare Precise Rx Pediatric Flow Meter will work on any concentrator delivering at least 2 LPM. With the SimplyGo weighing 10 lbs, this is the lightest setup for a child or infant to use. Click below to jump to the video.

Advanced Aeromedical rents and sells Portable Oxygen Concentrators. We are here to assist at 800-346-3556 or send us an email at

Most Oxygen Concentrators are manufactured for Adults. Most Pediatricians will allow the use of these machines when needed. Consult with, and get a written order from the Pediatrican prior to using this setup.

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