Portable Oxygen Concentrator’s and the TSA

The TSA just updated there website about people traveling with Portable Oxygen Concentrator’s. This is always a question for new travelers on oxygen, what does the TSA say about my portable oxygen concentrator? A person should be educated about traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator. Some people need to use oxygen all the time, while others only part of the time. Whether or not you are using the device is what is important to TSA. If you are using the machine while going through the security check point, the TSA will do a “thorough patdown procedure”. If you are not using the machine, and only need oxygen in-flight for example, it is OK for the portable oxygen concentrator to go through the X-ray machine.

Here is an interesting quote from the new page on the TSA website:

If a passenger can disconnect from his or her portable oxygen concentrator, it is recommended that the passenger check the equipment as checked baggage whenever possible.

Here at Advanced Aeromedical, Inc. we feel this is not a good recommendation.  You are responsible for your own equipment, whether you own it yourself or are renting a portable oxygen concentrator from a medical equipment provider. If you check as luggage a critical medical supply equipment like a portable oxygen concentrator, you run the risk of loss or damage.

We have been working with people traveling with oxygen equipment for over 30 years. We have worked with many people who check full size oxygen concentrators and small portable oxygen concentrators and arrive at there destination to find out the equipment has been damaged or missing. If you are traveling and mistakenly checked your portable oxygen concentrator and it is broken, call us at 1-800-346-3556 for assistance.



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