FAA Proposed Rule Changes

FAA Logo 290x300 FAA Proposed Rule Changes
Here is a link to the proposed rule making for the FAA to change the acceptance of a FAA approved POC from being on a published list to:
This rulemaking would replace the burdensome approval process with acceptance criteria and a requirement for manufacturers to demonstrate compliance by affixing a label on the exterior of the portable oxygen concentrator applied in a manner that ensures it will remain affixed for the life of the device.
Here at Advanced Aeromedical, we are in favor of this rule change as it will make identifying the approved POC’s much easier for both the air carrier and the passenger/patient. As we all know, the approved POC is only one step in the process of a passenger making the trip on oxygen. They will still need to comply with the other aspects such as notification to carrier of intent to use, signed physician statement in hand for travel, proper number of charged batteries, just to name a few.
We stand ready to assist POC manufacturers, airlines and passengers in education of POC’s and providing POC’s to those who travel.
What do you think about the proposed rule changes, let us know at info@aeromedic.com

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