How to obtain a gate pass

You are allowed to bring your own oxygen equipment inside the airport, through security and up to the gate of the plane. You can not bring filled oxygen cylinders on-board the aircraft. You can not leave any unattended equipment at the airport. If you are not using a portable oxygen concentrator (Inogen One, Airsep Lifestyle, Airsep Freestyle, Sequal Eclipse, Delphi Central Air, Invacare XPO2, or Respironics Evergo) a “Gate Pass” can be used.

A “Gate Pass for a Special Needs Passenger” is available at the ticket counter of which ever airline your are flying. One person, who is not traveling, is allowed to escort a passenger with with special needs such as oxygen therapy to or from the gate of the plane.

This gate pass can be obtained by any friend or family member. Rememeber to allow enough time to park, walk to ticket counter, wait in line for gate pass, check luggage, wait in line at security, and finally to board the flight.

TSA Guidlines regarding oxygen and getting a gate pass

If you can not find someone to escort you, call us at 800.346.3556 for a cost quotation.

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