SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator & the Invacare Precise Rx Pediatric Flow Meter

Here is a video showing the Invacare Precise Rx Pediatric Flowmeter attached to the SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The SeQual Eclipse is a very popular source for oxygen for people traveling on commercial airlines. For children and infants, a continuous flow oxygen source must be obtained. Most of the continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators lowest flow setting is 1/2 LPM or 1 LPM. This Flowmeter allows for 1/16th — 3/4 LPM or 50-750 cc/min. This allows a child to use exactly the prescribed flow rate as prescribed by the doctor while meeting the requirements of a commercial airlines rules regarding flying with oxygen.

Advanced Aeromedical provides sales and rentals of FAA Approved portable oxygen concentrators and the Invacare Precise Rx Pediatric Flowmeter. Call us at 800-346-3556 for any questions or send us a message from our contact page. We are here to assist.

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