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Inquire to Rent an FAA-Approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Rent a high-quality portable oxygen concentrator from Advanced Aeromedical and travel worry-free! To request a rental, please fill out the form below.

Key Facts When Renting:

  • You will need a current oxygen prescription that dates within one year to rent/buy a POC.

  • Understand the difference between "pulse delivery" and "continuous flow delivery".

  • We are shipping the equipment to you by FedEx, plan accordingly.

  • Many adults on low flow oxygen can use pulse delivery for flight.

  • The maximum output of any continuous flow FAA-approved POC manufactured in the world is 3LPM.

  • Children must use a continuous flow POC (lowest selectable flow rate is 1/8th LPM).

  • Airlines are not all the same when it comes to battery requirements. See our airline reference page.

  • All of the POCs are multi-voltage and will operate and recharge on any electricity in the world.

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